Scroll down for photos of the  cottage chapel  and the  grounds.

The Cottage

Sitting behind the main house, lies a cute little green cottage, ready for you to come and rest.

The Cottage has a full kitchen, bath and even a washer and dryer.  And thankfully, there is NO TV.   Even though we are located only 1 mile from the Village of Pinehurst, this is truly a get-away.  There is only one bedroom, but if a pastor would like to bring his family with him, we can set up some cots in the living room area.

The Chapel

Just down the path from the Cottage, the Chapel is yet another place to get alone with the Father, away from the thoughts and distractions of this world.

The Grounds

Although we only have 2+ acres, it feels incredibly private. Most of our land is in the back of our home, with no other homes in sight. This first image is a view from the main house, looking out at the back yard. You can see the green cottage in the background, to the left.

We have several bicycles, sizes children through adult. Just across the street from the main house is a dirt/gravel pathway that leads all the way into the quaint Village of Pinehurst. It is a 1.1 mile bike ride.

We also have a fire pit and outdoor picnic areas.

Here is a field, often used for soccer, kickball, and other fun games for the children.

Just behind the Cottage is a railroad. Although there is no set schedule, the frieght train comes by the Cottage, on average, two times a day. Sometimes it comes in the wee hours of the morning, and other times in the middle of the day. The Cottage vibrates when the train goes by, and sometimes the train blows its whistle, especially if it is heading in the direction of the Village. Some folks may not enjoy the train, but we find it endearing.