What We Offer

It is our hope that this is a place and time of renewal and rest for you, a rekindling of your soul and excitement for Christ Jesus and the work He has called you to do. This is for men who are in the ministry as a pastor, evangelist or a missionary. Some call it a retreat. We’re hoping, rather, that it’s an advance.

Fellowship:   If there are any issues that you are going through, or just need to talk to another man of Christ, Jeff is available during your stay to meet with you, with Bible in hand, for everything should be backed by and grounded on the Word of God. And everything said will be confidential.

We also understand the importance of coming together, either as a couple, or as a family, and this can be a wonderful place for that, too. You may come alone or with your wife, or with your children (limit 4, due to the space in the cottage). It’s up to you. In the photos section, you’ll see that the cottage only has one bedroom, but we can set up additional cots in the living room area for your children (like a fun sleepover!).

Your stay is completely free!